Hey babe! We are so happy you are here.

Shop Abide was launched in 2022 to provide curated apparel and accessories to fit any woman’s sense of style. We strive to bring unique, casual chic styles that meet every fashionista’s needs at affordable prices. From classic to trendy to workday to weekend, we recognize the importance of a diverse wardrobe and seek to be a one stop shop for the perfect outfit. Every item is hand picked and every collection is carefully curated to provide our customers high-quality fashion. At Abide, we strive for you to have a great shopping experience, love all of your purchases, and feel confidently beautiful in all that you wear.

Meet Megan, Shop Abide Owner + Buyer: 

I launched Shop Abide from a passion of starting my own fashion brand as a little girl. I grew up dreaming of traveling the world, going from fashion show to fashion show, and designing my own clothes for everyone to wear. I have always had a heart for clothes and fashion, and from that stemmed Shop Abide. For years, I envisioned what this business would be for me and in 2020, God put it on my heart to fully commit to His plan. I saw the word “Abide” everywhere I turned. To Abide is to accept without objection, so here I am today years later, abiding in the good Lord’s plan for myself and this business. 

I’m so glad you are here and am so grateful that you are shopping with us! I know there are tons of other options out there, so it means the world to me and the Shop Abide team that you would choose us so THANK YOU! When you shop at Abide, you become a part of the family. I love hearing from our family about what you love, what inspires and empowers you, what makes you feel confident, and more - you can always find me on Instagram @megan_jennifer. At Abide, we want women to feel seen, heard, and loved. We want to help women be confident in every occasion and feel their best. It’s not clothes or your outward appearance that make you feel those things, but a great outfit sure helps! 

Thank you for shopping small and supporting this lifelong dream of mine!

xo - Meg